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Picks Of The Week!

Well, it’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? Possibly the greatest ‘nerd week’ of all time? Debatable, I’m sure, but a week that saw the season 3 finale of Game of Thrones, The (official?) start of the next-gen war at E3 2013, the release of The Last of Us and Man of Steel (on the same freakin’ day, no less!), and with three Scott Snyder comic books all released, it will go down in the history books. And as I write this, the week hasn’t even fully commenced. Oh, and Fez 2 just got announced. Amazing news. The best news to come out of E3, in fact. But anyway, I’ll break down this week’s new releases below. Enjoy!


Videogame Pick of The Week: The Last of Us

 The Last of Us

Probably most gamers’ most anticipated title of the year, and probably one of the handful of games that could still be garnering attention upon its release the same week as E3. Perfect review scores (almost) across the board, and being hailed as the Playstation 3’s best game. Even with all the critical acclaim and praise it’s been receiving, the demo impressed me above and beyond the bar I had raised for it. Now, I just can’t wait to get my hands on it. Also, if you’ve made it this far without reading any spoilers, then congratulations.


Also Out This Week: Animal Crossing: New Leaf 

animal crossing new leaf

I don’t know what’s more foolish: That Animal Crossing is out on E3 week, or that it’s going head-to-head with The Last Of Us’ release. As I said above, unless it’s a behemoth of a game like The Last of Us, then the chances are the game is going to be overlooked – with the Nintendo faithful being the exception, of course. So, no, it wasn’t Nintendo’s smartest move to date. Bur in Ninty’s defence though, It was released on Jun 9 in America. I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, unfortunately, but I can’t wait to see Tom Nook and the crew again.

Movie Pick of The Week: Man Of Steel


 Man of Steel 

So you thought life was complete last year when you walked out of that cinema after seeing The Dark Knight Rises, eh? I did, and I could’ve died happy. But Batman is last year, and Superman is stepping up onto the pedestal — without his pants! Superman has always been Batman un-cooler brother it seems, and too vanilla for some, but this time the red trunks are gone and the time for games are over. With Michael Shannon playing Zod – who I’m presuming is going to be this year’s badass version of Hardy/Bane – we’re in for a darker, grittier, visceral treat. Zack Snyder, I salute you.

Also Out This Week: Much Ado About Nothing

 Much ado about nothing 

Anything I had to study in English class at school I’m sureuly not going to want to see at the cinemas. But with Joss Whedon involved – and having filmed the movie in his own home – it just could make me see Shakespeare in a different light. A bright, positive light. Released last year in America, I believe, but only just coming to the UK now. See this if you don’t like superheroes.

T.V. Pick Of The Week: Game Of Thrones “Mhysa” 

GoT Mhysa  

It is known now that episode 9 is the episode where all hell breaks loose in Game of Thrones, and the penultimate episode’s job is to, ultimately, pick up the pieces. Season 3 continued the trend, but not only did it deal with the fallout from The Red Wedding – which quickly made its way around the seven kingdoms – but also, it resolved some story arcs and made some great set ups for next year as well. Jaime finally reunited with Cersei and the Lannisters, Theon’s torturer was revealed, and Dany yet again acquired another group of slaves.

Comic Pick(s) Of The Week: Superman Unchained #1, Batman #21, American Vampire: Long Road to Hell 

Bow at the feet of a comic book-writing God

  Bow at the feet of a comic book-writing God

Any week where a Scott Snyder book is released is a good week for comics. Any week where two Scott Snyder books get released is a great week for comics. But any week where three(!) Scott Snyder books get released.. man, that is a blessing from God (and DC).

Superman Unchained #1: 

 superman unchained

The best Superman yet since the DC debuted The New 52? From what I’ve read, yes. And I’ll be honest: I’ve not read a lot of Superman books before, and nor am I the most knowledgable Superman fan out there. But now seems like a good a time as any to become a bigger fan, and let’s just hope that the media attention for Man of Steel conveys over to Superman Unchained as well. My only regret with this issue: buying it digitally instead of the print edition so I didn’t get the awesome pull-out poster.

Batman #21:

Batman zero year

Sometimes I ask myself: How does Snyder do it? How does Scott Snyder retell a story we already know and have read before but make it feel new, fresh and as if we don’t know the story? By changing and mixing the ingredients to get a different result, it seems. He made Batman’s most iconic villain, The Joker, more psychotic and evil than before in The Death Of The Family arc, and it looks like – aesthetically – he’s doing so again in retelling Bruce Wayne’s origin in Zero Year.

American Vampire: Long Road To Hell

 AV Long road to hell 

Two young lovers, a stolen car and the open road. What could possibly go wrong? Bonnie & Clyde with vampires, that’s what. Usual artist Rafael Albuquerque is still on art duty in this one-shot special, but this time around he’s co-wrote the script with American Vampire alumni Scott Snyder — to great results. For those wary of the price, don’t be; you’ll more than get your £5’s worth with the action-packed 64 pages (roughly the size of 3 average comic books). And the best thing about this book is that it’s completely accessible to new readers. Win!