TMNT #24 City Fall Part 3 – Review

Note: TMNT ships next week – 31/7 – but Comixology had it up earlier today (24/7) and has now, unfortunately, had to pull it. But luckily for me I managed to nab it as soon as it went up!

It’s almost been two years since IDW’s reboot of the beloved TMNT, so it’s fitting that part 3 of  ‘City Fall’ sets things up very nicely for the battle of New York in next month’s special edition. As well as this issue providing a great build up for #25, it did a lot more than that. It was action packed and also taught me this: (spoiler) Never trust a cat with an eye-patch. After reading Old Hob’s Villain Micro-series and getting to see his thoughts and see his sides of the story, I was feeling a little sorry for the guy and I thought this may be his chance to become a good guy. But nope, he went and set the Turtles up. To his credit, he did get them out of the sticky situation.. well, at least Slash did. (Can…Dee!).

What this issue does so well – what the series as a whole does so well, actually – is the ability to have dark story-lines like City Fall, but yet throw in humour to boot; like Slash – a giant, snapping turtle – who is treated to his first candy bar by Michelangelo (who else?) and enjoys it like a three-year-old child’s first experience with chocolate.

City Fall has been the darkest arc to date of the series, and when it’s the Turtles saying ‘now’s not the time for jokes’, then you know now’s not the time for jokes. So we got dark Leo/Foot Clan Leonardo, who now has a Wolverine-esque claw on his left hand as well as carrying a Bo staff, nun-chucks and his own signature sword — so, needless to say, a badass. But is Leo, or one of the other Turtles, going to die next month? Or will Leo come ’round and come to his senses? We’ll have to wait and find out, and I, for one, cannot wait.

Score: 8.7/10


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