Batman ’66 “Emperor Penguin Part 1” – Review

Issues 1-3 of Batman ’66 were the best digital comics I’ve ever read. Hence the word ‘digital’, as they weren’t necessarily the best comics I’ve read, (although they were freakin’ great!) but in terms of using the full potential of an Ipad and Comixology’s guided view, Batman ’66 was somewhat of a revelation on DC’s front, as it was their first real plunge into exploring the power and diversity of digital comics. So after buying #4 and expecting more of the same, suffice to say I was a little disappointed to find out it read just like a normal comic would on Comixology. No cinematic transitions, no addition of single panels and word balloons to show more direct changes and to better drive the action?

There’s no reason, as far as I’m aware of, as to why #4 hasn’t continued the trend of the first arc, or if this is how the series is going to read from now on, but I do know this: the book is still all kinds of awesome. Writer Jeff Parker introduces “the pompous prince of perilous plots” The Penguin into the fray, as he’s somehow managed to park a gigantic iceberg just off of Gotham’s shore and he’s refusing to move. As ridiculous as it may sound, It’s actually not too ridiculous in Batman ’66’s lore, where nothing seems to be off limit.

Writer Jeff Parker has expressed his fandom for the Batman ’66 TV show, and you can tell he’s really enjoying writing these fantastic scripts. New artist Ty Templeton does just as solid as a job as previous artist Jonathan Case, though as previously mentioned, it’s only a shame the digital prowess wasn’t put to full use like in the first arc. For the bargain of 69p/$1 though, this is one book you should be picking up on a weekly basis.

Score 8.3/10


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