Marcus Beer – Videogame Journalism’s Biggest Disgrace

Fish and Beer - the creator and the thug

Phil Fish (left) and Marcus Beer (right); the creator and the thug

Marcus Beer, or “Annoyed Gamer” as he likes to call himself, took to Invisible Walls (a chat-show on Gametrailers’ website), and verbally attacked videogame developers Phil Fish (Fez) and Jonathan Blow (Braid). He called them both ‘tosspots’, ‘fucking hipsters’, ‘wankers’, and directly to Fish, a ‘fucking asshole’.

Shortly after the video was posted, Phil Fish tweeted that the recently announced Fez 2 has been cancelled, and that he’s getting out of the gaming industry for good. He said, “and I’m getting out of games because I choose not to put up with this abuse anymore.”

The thug posing for the camera with a cigarette in his mouth

The thug posing for the camera with a cigarette in his mouth

This is cyberbullying from a so-called “Professional Videogame Journalist”. Plain and simple, Marcus Beer is a bully and a thug, and he’s bullied one of gaming’s most promising developers out of the industry. Not only is he single-handedly giving Gametrailers a bad name, but also giving the words ‘Professional’ and ‘Videogame Journalist’ a bad name too. There needs to be repercussions to Marcus’ violent verbal attack.

I know I wouldn’t want to show up to work and be called a fucking asshole, and I don’t think Marcus realises just how hurtful words can be. What’s most frustrating is that Marcus Beer seems quite smug about the whole situation, judging from his Twitter account. I’ve reached out to him on Twitter, voicing my disappoint and lack of disrespect he’s shown as a ‘professional’, but he has not replied.

Fez 2

We’ll never even get to see the game now, let alone play it

There’s young people, myself included, wanting to become a videogame journalist. As somewhat of a veteran in the gaming industry, Marcus should be setting an example for the younger generation to come. What he’s done is quite the opposite of setting an example; verbally attacking a developer is not professional behaviour, and it’s stooping down to the level of playground bullying.

If this is how a professional journalism behaves and gets away with it, then quite frankly, I don’t want to share the same job title as him. Gaming is a form of entertainment and is supposed to be fun; Marcus is turning it into something else entirely. This isn’t the first time he’s acted brash or violently towards others, either, as he often results to name-calling in his weekly show on Gametrailers, Annoyed Gamer. How a man like this ever got into the industry in the first place bemuses me – let alone how he still has a job.

Marcus Beer then had the audacity to ask to speak to Phil Fish in person at Pax, after he’d already called him a fucking hipster, tosspot, wanker and an asshole. And he wonders why the people he’s invited to his show have never turned up? I know I’d steer well clear of Marcus Beer if I ever saw him at a gaming convention.

Fez, one of XBLA's greatest

Fez – one of XBLA’s greatest

He also called Phil Fish ‘whiny’, which is the hypocritical statement of the year, considering whining is exactly what Marcus does on a weekly basis on his show. Marcus is always very quick to point out others’ wrongdoings, but it’s his big mouth and wrongdoings that have finally caught up to him, as he’s crossed the line with his verbal abuse this time. He will now and forever be known as the man that pushed the creator of Fez, Phil Fish, out of a career he loved.

Just to clarify, I don’t think Marcus Beer should kill himself (I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone), that’s not what this post is about; this post is about pointing out videogame journalist Marcus Beer’s constant aggressive and thuggish nature, his complete lack of professionalism, and his lack of empathy towards others. We don’t need people like Marcus Beer in the gaming industry, and perhaps one day when he finally mellows and grows up, he’ll realise this too.


3 thoughts on “Marcus Beer – Videogame Journalism’s Biggest Disgrace

  1. Frank W

    So, you’d prefer it if Beer just behaved like every other watered-down, over-compromising, over-censored, on-the-fence journalist who represent today’s gaming media? At least Beer has passion and critcal opinions about the industry he works in. Sure, there’s no need to attack Fish personally, but to say Beer is undermining gaming jounalism is ridiculous. If that’s the way you feel, maybe gaming journalism isn’t for you; there’s enough opinionless seat-fillers in the industry already.

    1. Scott Barker Post author

      I’d rather be a seat-filler than make a developer quit their job. And it’s not your say whether gaming journalism is or isn’t for me. There’s other ways to get your passion across; writing, for example. Would you see an editorial on IGN, Gamespot or wherever, using profanity towards a game developer? No, you wouldn’t; because they’re professionals.

  2. Orbister

    there arent only two extremes “being a rude bully idiot” or a “watered-down whatever u said” Frank, intelligent and self confident people do not need to insult step on people’s heads to be “better” if he was a succesful (not famous, reallly succesful) game journalist he would be able to give intelligent, rich, and deep opinions, instead of letting his short-sighted prejudices speak for him, the guy is obviosly uses too much of his brain capacity in taking care of his goatee… and looking cool in pictures…


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