4 Comics to Buy This Week

Ah, Wednesday. A day just like any other to some, but a comic book reader’s favourite day of the week. Why? Well it’s new release day, silly! Yep, every Wednesday. And this week, as always, there are some fantastic new books on the market. So read on below to find out which five books I think you should buy. Disagree with my picks? Then let me know what I missed out by using the comment section below.

The Last Of Us American Dreams #4

From Arkham City to Mass Effect, it’s safe to say comic books based on videogames have majorly improved as a whole in the past few years, and The Last Of Us American Dreams has continued the trend. Issue four sees the prequel miniseries come to a close, and although those who have played through the game (which is fantastic, by the way) may know the outcome, seeing the events unfold in comic book form from artist/writer Faith Erin Hicks and writer Neil Druckman (of both the comic and the game) is a price worthy of £2.50/$4.00.

Last of Us #4

Batman Annual #2 

Where did this one come from? Oh ok, I know, from the brilliant mind of Scott Snyder, but it wasn’t until last week that I was aware of this book’s existence. Perhaps it got buried under the madness that was SDCC but, nonetheless, shame on me! It’s the first issue that, I believe, isn’t being pencilled by Greg Capullo. Onboard comes artist Wes Craig for the annual, and if ever there’s been a time for his art to shine, the time is now. The annual is another tie-in to the current Zero Year arc, and it’s if it’s as good as last year’s Mr. Freeze-centric annual, then we’re in for a treat.

Batman Annual #2

The Wake #3 

Yep, another Scott Snyder book to pick up this week, as his and Sean Murphy’s underwater horror book looks to be taking a change of pace into the fast lane. The seeds have been planted in the first two issues, but now it’s time to get some answers and see what The Wake is really about.

the wake #3

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24 

Comixology actually put this up to buy by mistake last Wednesday, but I managed to buy it before it got pulled. And I reviewed it, too. You can read the review here if you wish (beware of minor spoilers, though) <https://scottbarkergaming.wordpress.com/2013/07/24/tmnt-24-city-fall-part-3-review/&gt;. In short, if you’ve been enjoying the City Fall arc, you’ll be glad to know part 3 of the story doesn’t drop the ball, and it sets up the events very nicely for next month’s two year anniversary special. But can Old Hob be trusted?




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