Batman ’66 #5 – Review

Batman '66 #5

If you’ve ever wanted to see Mr. Freeze and The Penguin slide down an ice slide together – whilst bickering, no less – to land into a perfectly positioned lifeboat, then good news, this issue has just that! Batman ’66 has been such a change of pace from DC’s mainline New 52 books, and I’m hoping that its success can pave the way for more light-hearted, old-school style DC books. ’60s Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, anyone? ‘Holy Deep Sea Diver’ the possibilities are endless.

#5 sees the Boy Wonder Robin with the responsibility of breaking Batman out of Penguin and Freeze’s ice dungeon, whom Freeze and Penguin seem to have forgotten about. And quick question: Does anybody else read Mr. Freeze’s dialogue in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice? It really brings the book alive and adds another layer of comedy to one of the more comical book out there. There’s cheesy lines and slapstick humour littered throughout, all while moving at the as come-to-expected brisk pace.

In my review of last week’s issue of Batman ’66, I expressed my disappointment in how it read like a normal comic does on Comixology (unlike the cinematic transitions we got in the first three issues) but when a book’s this fun and puts a smile on my face, I’ve quickly gotten over it. Besides, I’d be no better than one of Penguin’s goons wearing a t-shirt with goon written on it to nitpick anymore! Non-comic book readers aside, I don’t see no reason why anyone couldn’t pick up Batman ’66 and enjoy it.

Score: 8.5


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