The Wake #3 – Review

the wake #3

Has anybody else been a little disappointed with The Wake so far? Not that the first few issues have been bad by any means, but Scott Snyder has created himself a good problem to have: He’s raised the bar very high for himself. The first two issues of The Wake teased us a lot, posed a lot of questions, but didn’t give us a whole lot of answers. It is a horror book, so of course everything wasn’t going to be laid out in front of us to begin with, but the series has a lot going on, has introduced us to a lot of characters and a lot is still shrouded in mystery. Good news though: Issue 3 is the best yet, and is action packed from start to finish.

If Alien is Jaws in space, then The Wake is Alien under the deep blue sea. (A similar concept to Deep Blue Sea as well, actually, but the less said about that movie the better.) Issue 3 sees the crew in a real state of panic as the creature(?) has escaped and isn’t in the best of moods. One fantastically horrifying scene, which involves the monster giving off neurotoxins similar to that of The Scarecrow’s, is a particular standout for shock value alone. The main crew is thinned out, which in my eyes is a good thing and means we can now focus on protagonist Lee Archer and just a handful of others.

There’s a somewhat predictable reveal at the end, but at least it’s progress in terms of driving the plot forward. The art by Sean Murphy once again is consistently top-notch. The inkers/colourists aren’t credited in the book, though whoever’s doing the colours is really bringing the book to life; particularly so with the often use of a moody blue and purple. The Wake stepped its game up this issue and will have me coming back next time. I only hope it continues on the momentum it’s now created for itself.

Score: 8.0


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