Indie Games Out This Week

Welcome to the Indie Games Corner! Here I’m going to highlight the newly released indie games on a weekly basis – that includes Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita releases. I will have dabbled and played each game highlighted below, and I’ll give my impressions as well as the final verdict. What’s the final verdict, you ask? The final verdict is simple: Either A) Buy it, B) Try it, or C) Don’t buy it or even try it. So read on to find out below what’s hot and what’s not in the world of independently released videogames!BLOOD&BACON (240 MS Points)

BLOOD&BACON (240 MS Points) 

What will probably garner a little attention due to its ridiculous name, B&B (as I’ve taken to calling it) is true to its name and just as crazy. You have to defend yourself with warthog/pig-like creatures with a temper, in either first person, third person, or from a top-down view – though no matter which way you choose to play, every angle is equally as ugly. Some animal lovers may be offended, but even they must surely laugh in a pitch black farm with killer pigs on the loose.

Final Verdict: (Not for vegetarians) Try it 

blood and bacon

Sexy Island Adventure (80 MS Points)

Wow, just wow. Don’t let the game’s cover art fool you, because it is in no means in any shape or form a representation of what the game looks like. It’s an 8-bit four-sided world, and your goal is to, well, “Your goal is to find and photograph girls throughout the enchanted world to help rescue them”. In the short time I played I didn’t come across any girls, though I did waste my time walking around aimlessly. Fingers crossed It doesn’t get much worse than this.

Final Verdict: Definitely don’t try it or buy it

sexy island adventure

Journey To The Top: QFTLG (80 MS Points) 

If you want to listen to an over the top, tongue firmly in cheek, badly voice-acted intro about dragons and sorcerers, then go ahead and try Journey To The Top. However, if cheesy scrips aren’t your thing, and run-of-the-mill platformers aren’t either, then you may as well stay away from Journey (not the Playstation exclusive Journey). There’s a nice whimsical zelda-esque soundtrack in the opening level, though the game’s floaty controls and fairly hard difficulty make it a nuisance to play.

Final Verdict: Don’t try it or buy it

journey to the top

Magic Racing Rally (80 MS Points)

I’ll just start off by saying that cars don’t interest me, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather not play than racing games that take themselves very seriously (i.e. Gran Turismo and Grid). Magic Racing Rally has the cars and the tracks from around the world that may impress motorheads, but to me there’s nothing magic about them or this game. It’s a top-down Micro Machines-like racer, though it’s lacking the weapons, the ambience, and the charm.

Final Verdict: Don’t buy it or try it (unless you really are a hardcore racing fanatic)

magic racing rally

Tatakai Tank Rush (80 MS Points) 

The game’s cover art may look cartoonish and fun, but the final product is far from it In fact, the cover art is the best thing this game has going for it!. It’s dull, bland and boring, and an experience I want to erase from my mind as soon as possible. It’s got everything you don’t want in a videogame; ugly visuals, uninspired gameplay, a lack of imagination or creativity and, even for the cheap price of 80 MS points is well overpriced.

Final Verdict: Don’t try it or buy it (seriously, don’t waste your time)

Tatakai tank rush

Action Arcade Wrestling 2 (240 MS Points) 

if an Indie wrestling promotion made a videogame, then this is what I’d imagine it would look like and play like. With the only real wrestling videogame out there being the once-a-year annual WWE game, it’s nice to see someone step up and try something different. There’s no commentary and no entrances, though there is a handful of wrestlers and different match-types. The wrestlers range from a Blanka from Street Fighter look-alike, to a face-painted Sting with wolverine claws. The gameplay is as generic as expected, and doesn’t break the mould.

Verdict: Don’t try it or buy it

Action arcade wrestling 2

Gem Chaser 2 (80 MS Points) 

A simple but challenging premise, Gem Chaser 2 sees you collect coloured gems, but only gives you the points if you’re colour matches the gems. It’s Pacman-esque visuals will be its biggest draw, though I found myself with little motivation to continue the game’s one-trick pony gameplay challenge. It actually felt more like a chore having to change colour more than anything, though if you’ve got time on your hands and you’re craving a challenge…

Final Verdict: Try it

gem chaser 2

ZombieMonkeys Out of the Trees (80 MS Points) 

What looks like a flash game and plays like a flash game, unsurprisingly enough… is a flash game! It’s a tower defence game with a spin, as you play as a monkey with an arsenal of weapons and are tasked with defending the temple. It may sound fun, but it becomes boring and repetitive very quickly. With no replay value or incentive to play, it just isn’t the monkey’s week.

Final Verdict: Don’t try it or buy it

zombie monkeys out of the trees



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