Xbox Live Indie Games Out This Week

Welcome to the Indie Games Corner! Here I’m going to highlight the newly released indie games on Xbox Live a weekly basis. I will have dabbled and played each game highlighted below, and I’ll give my impressions as well as the final verdict. What’s the final verdict, you ask? The final verdict is simple: Either A) Buy it, B) Try it, or C) Don’t buy it or even try it. So read on to find out below what’s hot and what’s not in the world of independently released videogames!

Dawn Of The Fred (80 MS Points)

By far the best game to come out on the XBLIG this week, but still with that extra little something missing. DOTF – unlike many Indie Games – stays true to its cover art, and is a proper representation of how the game looks. And that’s a good thing, as it not only has created a small identity for itself, but it could also be a proving ground for the developer to work on from here on out. It could’ve done with some music with a faster beat to mesh more with the visuals and fast gameplay, and the repeated sound of the guns became annoying quickly, but Dawn Of The Fred more than warrants a try for fans of the zombie genre.

Final Verdict: Try it

dawn of the fred

Dark Storm Blast 360 (80 MS Points)

It’s games like this that make me question a few things. Why is somebody charging money for somebody to play this? Why do I put myself through the displeasure of playing games like this to then write about them? And how can we have an independent developer like Phil Fish make a great game like Fez, but have independent developers put out crap like this. It’s a twin-stick shooter with graphics that would’ve looked just as bad in the 80s.

Final Verdict: Definitely don’t buy this or try this

Demon Dash (80 MS Points)

demon dash

If there are any poor souls out there who actually spent 80 MS Points on this game, then A) Why? And B) Just.. why? Demon Dash stays true to its name… you have to dash demons all right. Down, A (jump) and X (shoot) is all you need to play Demon Dash, as that’s all there is to it; shoot demons, jump over cars or slide under them. Oh, and all whilst some terrible heavy music is playing in the background.

Final Verdict: Definitely don’t buy it or try it

Word Cheat (80 MS Points)

word cheat

30 seconds in and the game unexpectedly crashed. Twice, in fact. Good thing I didn’t buy it then! So while I can’t tell you what my experience with the game was like, though if the box art is any true representation, then I imagine it’s, for a lack of a better term, boring. 

Final Verdict: Definitely don’t try it or buy it

Space Pilots (240 MS Points)

The Indie Games section on Xbox Live has more than its fair share of space shooters (the most popular genre on the XBLIG, perhaps?) though I’ve yet to come across one that tries to break the tried-and-tested mould, and Space Pilots falls right into the category of generic and been’ there, done that’. Space Pilots has made me pose this question, though: When was the last good space shooter?

Final Verdict: Don’t buy it or try it

space pilots


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