Has The Delay of Watchdogs and Driveclub Tipped The Scales in The Xbox One’s Favour?

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Not only did Watchdogs get delayed earlier this week, but the PS4 exclusive Driveclub did as well. That’s minus two big games for the PS4. Watchdogs isn’t a PS4 exclusive and this is also a minus for anyone who has the Xbox One version on pre-order, however this is a much bigger blow for PS4 owners. The PS4/Watchdogs bundle was reportedly the most pre-ordered bundle around the world, therefore stores and websites were having to contact everyone with that bundle on pre-order to give them the sad news. Those picking up Playstation Plus and expecting the PS Plus edition of Driveclub are also left out in the cold, then, too. What if Watchdogs and Driveclub were the two games they were going to pick up on launch day? Disappointment is what. Their pre-order is secure, sure, but are they going to want a PS4 now? Are Killzone: Shadowfall and Knack strong enough to compete against the Xbox One’s Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome?


Although It’s too early to jump the gun and say which console is going to have the better games until they’re actually out, from a buyer’s perspective Xbox One has more exclusive games; which isn’t something we could say about the Xbox 360 throughout this whole current generation. As it stands the PS4 has 32 playable games at launch, and the Xbox One has 21. (It should be noted that some games that are included on the PS4’s list are already available to buy on the PS3.) It’s going to come down to quality over quantity at the end of the day, but having more games to play at launch is something that Sony surely won’t shy away from boasting about. All’s fair in love and console war, after all.

ps4 bundles

Minus the Watchdogs and Driveclub bundles

I’ve heard some people say that both launch line-ups aren’t particularly strong. To those people, I point them to previous console launches. Even with the absence of Watchdogs and Driveclub, this is one of the strongest launch line-ups ever for a console. The absence of blockbusters like Watchdogs and Driveclub now gives the chance of two Playstation Network games to step up to the plate: Resogun and Contrast. Both games have now been added to the Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from this generation, it’s that everyone loves a free game. Sony have focused a lot of their Playstation 4 promotion towards Indie games and developers, and what better way to get people interested, who may of otherwise been skeptical about these two unheard of new IPs, than to give them away for free.


I also can’t help but feel that the Driveclub delay might actually help Driveclub out in the long-run. Gran Turismo is Playstation’s top exclusive and biggest seller, and with GT6 coming out so soon after the Playstation 4’s launch – December 6  – some racing fans may have skipped on Driveclub and opted to wait for Gran Turismo anyway. Now, though, Evolution Studios don’t run the risk of having Driveclub be overshadowed by GT6, and not forgetting that it may have been out-shined by the hugely popular Forza Motorsport 5. There’s usually a drought of games after a console launch, but now though Driveclub can stand on its own and release at any time during the first half of 2014 where it’s going to be in competition with very little else.

A whopping £80 more expensive than the standard PS4 unit.

A whopping £80 more expensive than the standard PS4 unit.


So it’s not all doom and gloom, then. In fact, the light at the end of the tunnel is bright in spite of these delays. I’d be very interested to know what you think of the recent delays, and I’d also be interested to know if you are or aren’t picking up an Xbox One or PS4. Feel free to use the comment section below or get in touch with me on Twitter @icon162





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